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Who I am

I was born in Croton (Italy), on November 7th, 1974. I have got a degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Calabria on April 4th 2001 and a PhD in Chemical Engineering at the same university.

My research interest is the interaction ofheterogeneous catalysis, transport phenomena, and fluid mechanics in novel multifunctional reactors. In particular the process intensification of interesting processes such as methanol production, Fisher-Tropsch reaction, hydrogen production by reforming/dehydrogenation reactions are my main interests.

I gained a full understanding of gas separation systems, methanol synthesis from carbon dioxide and hydrogen carried out in zeolite membrane reactors, membrane reaction systems: partial oxidation, steam reforming, water gas shift, carried out in novel membrane reactors. Fluidized bed MR, CLC systems...

I already had scientific co-operations with the Research Institute on Membranes and Modelling of Chemical Reactors and with the Research Institute on Membrane Technology in Italy, with the GKSS Research Institute in Germany and the the University of Twente.

Please go through the web menu to read about my experience and my scientific results.

In my spare time, I like creating web sites and also I am webmaster of an youthful association in Badolato. I like listening every type of music, reading books and newspapers. And I play some sports, such as football. Finally, I am fond of cinema. So, I watch films and DVDs very willingly.

One passion of mine is travelling, meeting other people with different culture and traditions. In these last years, I have the opportunity  to visit Germany, Holland, France, England, Luxemburg and Russia.

I hope I could continue to travel, associating it with my job.



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